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cutting welding machine for Construction


The steel structure industry mainly includes equipment steel structure: special architecture, equipment framework and supports (such as cement kiln end and power and communication tower racks), boiler steel rack (electric boiler and other boiler tower racks), special equipment tower rack (petroleum pipeline, ocean platform, port equipment and chemical equipment), etc. in the past 30 years, Huawei Welding and Cutting has provided completed solutions for large-size steel structure enterprises. With our help, the enterprises greatly increase their work efficiencies and always keep their leading positions in the industrial competition. Oxy-fuel/plasma CNC cutting machine is widely used for cutting high-precision matching section, particularly the plasma CNC cutting machine can be used for rapidly cutting the thin plate, which greatly increases the work efficiency. The beveling machine provides convenience for beveling various pipes and flat plates so as to satisfy the requirements of the secondary welding of the work piece. The small-size portable oxy-fuel cutting machine can be held by hand for operation so as to carry out high quality work in a narrow space.