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For the past few years, mechanical automation is increasingly obvious out of labor cost and safety factors. More and more workers will be replaced by machine. In the process of enterprise purchase equipment, however, it is often unable to find products meeting the demand of production and technique in the current market.

Shanghai Huawei Welding & Cutting Machine Co., Ltd. has always been committed to custom-made services of non-standard machinery adhering to the service principle: “Try Huawei’s best to meet the demand of customers ”and relying on professional skills and experience over 30 years in the industry. Huawei’s products involve cutting machine and auxiliary welding machine widely used in industries like petrochemical engineering, shipbuilding, metal steel structure, etc.

Ordering process
Consultation: please contact with authorized dealer or head office of Huawei.
Proposal and quoted price: the best product design and quoted price will be provided on the basis of your requirements.
Negotiation: please explain custom-made product requirements to our salesman.
Ordering: prepare for production with the consensus in price and function.
Production: please contact with Huawei for other requirements as soon as possible during production.
Delivery: products will be immediately delivered to customer after completion and examination.
After-sale service: a complete after-sale service to ensure long-term use.