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Purchase process
  • 1.Users can call or visit the local authorized dealer for related matters.
  • 2.Authorized dealer recommends the most suitable product to users according to their application and technical requirements.
  • 3.After reaching the purchase agreement, the dealer and users determine the manner and time of delivery.
Installation process
If users require home installation service for the purchased products (note: mostly of CNC products), the dealer shall contact with you further about installation time. Please wait.
Before installation, please make sure:
  • 1.Please check whether the product package is complete and whether there are complete Instructions, Product Qualification Certificate and Installation Acceptance Form (CNC products) within the box.
  • 2.Please make sure whether installation persons have service certification cards issued by Shanghai Huawei Welding & Cutting Machine Co., Ltd.
  • 3.Please show purchase invoice or effective purchase certification in detail.
  • 4.Before installation, please read the Instructions annexed carefully.
Installation Please confirm the installation location with installation persons and supervise the installation process according to the notes and Instructions provided by our Company or the dealer.
Commissioning and operation after installation Installation persons shall conduct product commissioning and operation after installation and the installation will not complete until qualified.
End of installation After confirming the normal operation, please affix your signature on the Installation Acceptance Form.
Return visit Customer Service Center of Shanghai Huawei Welding & Cutting Machine Co., Ltd. will pay a return visit (not-full visit) to the installation service.