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CNC cutting machine for manufacturers


Huawei Welding and Cutting always keep long-term cooperation relationship with leading machinery manufacturers at home and abroad. Our products and technologies assist our customers to keep leading competitive power in the field of manufacturing. Because the manufacturing industry needs oxy-fuel or plasma to cut a great quantity of parts of various specifications, such as flanges, round discs, H beam, etc, our cutting machines of various models can satisfy the requirements of different work pieces, and our CNC cutting machine has gradually become the standard configuration product for the manufacturing industry. We help enterprises to increase the efficiency and save the human cost with our digital control and plasma rapid cutting. Also, to some heavy device manufacturing industries, such as mine machinery, heavy trucks, port equipment, etc., our welding carriage can be used for improving the welding quality and efficiency for the butt joint of the plate. By continuously improving cutting and welding integral abilities, Huawei Welding and Cutting will continuously provide better products for the manufacturing industry.