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To improve the cutting and welding quality and customer experience, Shanghai Huawei Welding and Cutting Machinery Co., Ltd provides detailed and systematic technical training courses for agents and end customers. All of the consultants of the course are our technical personnel who have more than 10 years of work experience. The course includes the technical instructions of the following products:

1.  Oxy-fuel cutting machine
 1.1  Introduction of various types of machines
 1.2  Daily maintenance of equipment
 1.3  Repair of machinery
 1.4  Equipment assemblage

2.  CNC cutting machine
 2.1  Introduction of how to use the operating system
 2.2  Introduction of various plasma powers
 2.3  Installation, regulation and daily maintenance of CNC cutting machine

3.  Welding carriage
 3.1  The methods of how to connect the welding carriage, the welding machine and the electrode feeding machine
 3.2  Introduction of the machine operation
 3.3  Daily maintenance of equipment

4.  Beveling machine
 4.1  Fixed setting of beveling machine
 4.2  Notices in equipment using
 4.3  Daily maintenance of beveling machine

The course will be carried out in the three following ways:

1. Authorize our agents to provide training: provide the method of using the machine, basic introduction of daily maintenance and solutions for FAQs.

2. Training in Huawei head office: provide systematic and detailed introductions and trainings for all machinery equipment, and students can operate on site in our workshops.Notice: please contact our regional sales managers if you need training. Huawei Company will provide room and board for the students in the training period.

3. Onsite training: this training is only provided to specific welding carriages and beveling machines and all types of large-size gantry digital control. After the first installation and commissioning of the goods, the engineer will provide 2 to 3 days training and directions to the customer, and guidance of the customer to use our equipment according to the customer’s detailed requirements and onsite conditions so as to get the best utilization effect.Notice: the customer shall undertake the engineer’s traffic, board and lodge costs.